Our Head Office

You can purchase our beer every day from 6am to midnight in our original company building in the historical city center. If you enter the Uerige from Berger Strasse and turn right, you will find yourself directly facing the "counter".

This is where you can obtain Uerige in casks and bottles, and of course we also sell our Ueriges Weizen wheat (only in bottles).

Uerige is available in casks of 5 to 50 liters as well as in bottles (0.5 l or 0.33 l). Our classic 0.5 l bottles of Alt or wheat are obtainable in crates of either eight or sixteen bottles whereas the 0.33 l gastro bottles are only available in crates with sixteen bottles.


You can also order our beers online:
Prices in the Uerige

Uerige Alt/Weizen: € 2.45/Liter
8-bottle crate 0.5 l: € 16.35
16-bottle crate 0.33 l: € 26.63
16-bottle crate 0.5 l: € 32.11
4x 0.5 l (Alt or Weizen): € 7.28

All prices include deposits for bottles and crates
(€ 0.60 deposit per bottle)

If you are considering buying a cask from the Uerige, please note that we have to charge a deposit of € 29.75 per cask, including VAT. Of course, when you return the empty cask here at the Uerige, we will refund you.

Please note: on weekdays until 11am, it is possible to park your car briefly in front of the Uerige for loading/unloading.

Our public bar is open every day from 10am to midnight. Since BAAS is at the moment the rarest contemporary whisky worldwide, it is only available in limited amounts.