• Die Uerige-Brennerei

The Uerige Distillery

Our distillery was constructed by the Arnold Holstein company from Markdorf on Lake Constance; they installed it on the premises of the Uerige here in Düsseldorf. The steam-heated closure distillate consists of a pot still with a 250-liter capacity and three reinforcing bases, a dephlegmator, and a catalyzer. Thanks to its size and features, this still is perfectly suited for the production of distillates that are both aromatic and mild—come and see for yourself!

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A limited beer spirit made from Uerige Sticke. Uerige Sticke has an alcohol content of 6 % and is only brewed twice a year in our headquarters in Düsseldorf’s historic city center—it contains more hops and malt than the traditional Uerige (4.7 % Alc./Vol.).

Since 2007, we have been processing this specialty further in our in-house distillery: we take 250 liters of Sticke and distil this into 12 liters of Stickum. The resulting fine spirit will now have an alcohol content of 70 %, so it is diluted to 62 % before it is stored in stoneware vessels. Eventually, before bottling we reduce our Stickum’s alcohol content to 42 %, when it is perfect for consumption. The product is absolutely pure and does not require any filtering.

The origin of the unusual name “Stickum” is as follows: In the good old days, people would whisper secretly (which in the local dialect is called stickum) to one another whenever they felt that the master brewer had been a tad too generous when weighing the ingredients.

Malty, fruity, mysterious. Surprisingly mild. 42 % Alc./Vol

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Stickum plus

in limited amounts (amongst others for export to the USA) in our headquarters in Düsseldorf’s city center. With an alcohol content of 8.5 %, it is virtually twice as rich in alcohol as our traditional Uerige.

Since 2007, our DoppelSticke is processed further in our in-house distillery, whereby 250 liters of DoppelSticke are distilled into 14 liters of Stickum Plus. The resulting fine spirit will have an alcohol content of 70 %, which is diluted to 62 % before it is poured into vats for storage. After at least one year of resting in an oak vat, and before bottling begins, we reduce our Stickum Plus further, until it has an alcohol content of 45 %, when it is ideal for consumption. This product is absolutely pure and does not require any filtering.

Stickum Plus.
Distinct fruit flavors. Smooth aromas of honey and malt. 45 % Alc./Vol.

Our Stickum Plus is left to mature in new vats made of French Limousin oak (Barrique) for at least one year. When the vats are then used next, they should keep the liquid for at least two years and after that for at least four years so that the desired effect of the wood can be guaranteed: soft tannins, gentle oxidation, the finest aromatic details...

Every now and then, alongside the “classic” Stickum Plus, we also make limited amounts of special bottlings, such as:

  • Stickum Plus Sauternes vat
  • Stickum Plus Pinot Noir vat

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Baas – the Uerige Single Malt Whisky

Our unique and incomparable Single Malt Whisky, distilled at the Uerige, in the heart of the historic city center of Düsseldorf, stands out for its balanced character, uncompromising individuality, and pleasant mildness.

In contrast to our fellow competitors in far-away Scotland, our master distiller filters the mash that is used as the raw ingredient for our whisky: the husks, or spent grains, are removed to avoid any non-fine flavors. Furthermore, we only use the hearts, or middle run, of the still and entirely do without the less fine heads-and-tails run.

After thirty-six months of maturing in vats made of American White Oak, we make sure our whisky has the ideal drinking content of 42.5 % and then we bottle it—unfiltered.

In the meantime, after more than ten years of gaining experiences making whisky, we have developed further specialties alongside the original BAAS. All of them are created as single cask whiskies and are limited editions, for example:

  • Baas – five-year American White Oak Cask
  • Baas – five-year White Port Cask
  • Baas - five-year Port Wine Cask
  • Baas - five-year Sherry Cask
  • Baas – ten-year Bourbon Cask