Overview of our various public rooms
Behind the traditional walls of the Uerige craft brewery, cozy and neat rooms welcome you - come here to turn your private party into a highly atmospheric event. Wherever your guests might be coming from: if you would like to enjoy the yummy droplet with your family, friends, or business partners, there are various spaces for you to choose from.

Six individually equipped rooms of varying sizes are at your disposal, and there are three
more public rooms in which you can book one or more tables.

Our variegated menus offer a large range of hearty Rhenish specialties, and the members of our staff will most willingly help you put together the right choice of dishes.

If you would like to use one of these rooms for a private party, simply click on the room layout pdf.
Opening hours

Daily: 10 am – midnight

On 24 and 31 December we close at 2 pm
Closed on 25 December and Monday before Lent (“Rosenmontag”).
Hans Müller-Schlösser Stube
This rather sedate, patinized, and cozy parlor on the ground floor of the Uerige is dedicated to the local author Hans Müller-Schlösser (who wrote the story of »Schneider Wibbel«).
Bronze busts, stained glass, all kinds of caricatures, and photos from olden times make this timeless room especially charming.

For normal seating, 30 persons will be comfortably seated here. If you order a buffet, there will be room for 22 persons to sit in comfortable table arrangements.


Standard: 30 persons
With buffet: 22 persons
With menu: 26 persons
Download Uerige Raumplan Hans Müller-Schlösser Stube Zur Uerige Raum-Reservierung
The craftsmen’s room (»sauna«) with a view of the brewery courtyard lies right in the heart of the Uerige. Beautifully made woodcarvings as well as works showing the coats of arms of the traditional crafts and a host of legendary local figures give this space its flair.

The Köbes (waiter) will most willingly tell you some of the stories about these figures, but you can also read them up on the plaques attached to the walls.

For normal seating, up to 40 persons will be comfortably seated here. If you order a buffet, you can invite 32 guests.


Standard: 40 persons
With buffet: 32 persons
With menu: 36 persons
Download Uerige Raumplan Handwerkerstube Zur Uerige Raum-Reservierung
The shining copper vats of the brewhouse set the atmosphere in this hall. Apart from many other lovingly arranged timeless objects, the Brauhaus hosts the traditional props of the St-Sebastian marksmen. A gallery is the ideal place for a live band (or a DJ).

The Brauhaus accommodates 150 persons (with buffet approximately 20 guests less). Depending on the weather, pagoda-style tents can be used to offer even more spatial solutions.


Standard: 150 persons
With buffet: 135 persons
With buffet and gallery: 155 persons
With gallery but no buffet: 170 persons
Download Uerige Raumplan Brauhaus Zur Uerige Raum-Reservierung
The rustic historical interior decoration and a collection of precious beer mugs spanning 300 years turn a party in the Rittersaal into an unforgettable experience. This hall has its own bar and cloakroom, and once the weather begins to get nippy, we will be delighted to light a cozy fire for you.

A reception party can be arranged for 100 guests here; in combination with the Stickum hall, this can be extended considerably (up to 180 guests).


Standard: 80 persons
Reception: 100 persons
Download Uerige Raumplan Rittersaal Zur Uerige Raum-Reservierung

To the right of our main brewhouse lies our annex from 2008, called Stickum. This is where we distill our fine spirits STICKUM and STICKUM PLUS.

In the evenings and at weekends this elegant space turns into the Uerige’s own bar, where not only our house-produced fine spirits and beers can be tasted, but the entire range of gastronomic offers is at your disposal.
Depending on the seating arrangement (seats throughout or a combination of seating and bar tables), the room offers space for c. 45 persons. Depending on the weather conditions, his can be enlarged by means of pagoda tents.


Standard: 40 persons
With buffett: 30 persons
Download Uerige Raumplan Stickum Zur Uerige Raum-Reservierung

Stickum Saal
The Stickum hall is the “Bel Étage“ – not only of the Uerige, but of the entire Altstadt, the perfect place from which to see everything. It is a very atmospheric hall with high ceilings and modern furnishing, offers a gallery, panoramic windows, a fireplace, and has its own bar and separate cloakroom.

Depending on the seating arrangement, up to 85 guests can be accommodated in the Stickum-Saal. This space can also be combined excellently with the Rittersaal, which is situated directly across. When both are used, there is ample space for up to 180 persons.


With gallery: 85 persons
Without gallery: 70 persons
Download Uerige Raumplan Stickum Saal Zur Uerige Raum-Reservierung
Der Uerige

This beautifully old-fashioned corner room is the historical public room where, for the first time after the Second World War, the yummy droplet was served in 1946. It is also the oldest guestroom of our craft brewery.

A copper bar, stained-glass windows, and a host of paintings and woodworks with humorous topics create the typical rustic Uerige atmosphere. It is usually no problem at all to book a table here.
Zur Uerige Tisch-Reservierung

The Neweaan (“next door”) might not be entirely at you disposal for bookings, but we will be more than happy to save one or several tables for you here. For example, unless the regulars of the Fortuna football club hold their meetings there, our so-called “Fortuna-Ecke” (corner) can be booked for you.

Historic paintings, the gleaming copper bar, and the vaulted ceiling of the Neweaan create just the perfect relaxed atmosphere for you to enjoy your Uerige beer.
Zur Uerige Tisch-Reservierung
The Brauhof, or brewery courtyard, is situated in the heart of the Uerige. It sports a glass roof and murals by Erich Woestemaier, a pupil of Goller, dating from 1959 (and restored in 1997). There is little possibility of reserving a table here, apart from a small niche which offers a view of the brewing kettles in the brewhouse (one table only).

However, there is plenty of space for you at the kegs and bar tables.
Zur Uerige Tisch-Reservierung

The Forum Uerigianum, short version Forum, might even be called the most beautiful of all “rooms” of the Uerige premises: it is the outdoor space opposite our head office, on Rheinstrasse - a large terrace sheltered by mighty plane trees.

Whenever the weather allows it, and of course during the carnival season (with the exception of Rose Monday, where we keep our premises shut to avoid collateral damage) hundreds of happy customers can be seen here, enjoying a glass or two of Uerige (the amount of consumed beers being marked with pencil marks on the customers’ beer coasters); chatting, talking, and observing the “comédie humaine” unfolding before their eyes.

This is the true heart of the Altstadt of Düsseldorf, and you can hear it beating loudest here.