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Hosen Hell

Hosen Hell – the New Beer by The Toten Hosen

The city, the beer, the Toten Hosen, Düsseldorf. These four items on the list—our historic city center, our beer, our most famous rock band, and our home town—cannot be separated from one another, or so one might think. And yet, very recently the band came up with their own beer: Hosen Hell. Will music history have to be rewritten? Fear not! Things are actually quite simple, and of course the heart of the matter lies in our historic city center again. To be more precise, the heart of the matter lies in the Uerige craft brewery. The band explains the genesis of Hosen Hell as follows: “We have been friends with the Schnitzler family for ages—the fortunes of this traditional brewery has been in the hands of this family for several generations. In the course of our careers, we have celebrated numerous festive occasions relating to the band and its management here, as well as after-show parties, and we have always supported one another wherever possible, throughout.”

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Hosen Hell, in fact, is a singular symbiosis of the much valued traditional art of brewing and a unique experience of flavor. No gimmicks but rather a well-rounded portfolio of aromas that one might even consider provocative nowadays, concerning the way it allows the interplay of malt and hops to unfold their full potential. The exclusive usage of highly refined aroma hop varieties leads to a perfect harmony of the slightly fruity and yeasty note, while at the same time not overburdening the bitter note.

Hosen Hell originated from the idea of uniting the values of the top-fermented beer of the Uerige craft brewery with the life philosophy of the Düsseldorf-based band to create something that would reflect the foundations of both: open for everything and diehard true to the cause—this applies to the Uerige as much as it does to the Toten Hosen, which also explains why they came up with a bottom-fermented, pale beer type, called ‘Helles’ (which is actually mainly produced in Bavaria). The aim of Hosen Hell is to help this type of beer achieve a new, top level.

To quote a song by the band, ‘On days like these, you wish for infinity.’

An Tagen wie diesen
wünscht man sich Unendlichkeit
Hosen Hell2

The process of developing this product—from the very first trials carried out in Bavaria right up to smaller trials run here at the Düsseldorf Uerige—was continuously supported by the band, and it goes without saying that it had to stand the highest quality standards of the two beer brewers, Dr. Fritz Briem and Michael Schnitzler, who have been friends ever since they studied together at Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences. In full recognition of the high quality of the product and with a view to the nationwide popularity of the band, the Toten Hosen and Uerige decided to have Hosen Hell brewed in Bavaria, thereby taking the Düsseldorf style of life out into the world.


The Hosen Hell Party Keg and the Willibecher!

To make sure that you will never have to run dry at a party, or if you’re looking for just the right gift for your loved ones, we are now also offering our Hosen Hell in limited-edition 5-liter party kegs.

And of course, the liquid that pours from out of the keg must pour into something: into the Hosen Hell 0.3 liter Willibecher. (Yes, honestly, this is what the beer glass is called!)