A Tour of the Brewery
Includes a serving of fried knuckles

Experience exactly how we brew the ‘yummy droplet’ for you. A tour of the brewery gives you detailed information on raw materials, the brewing process, cooling, maturing, and bottling.

After the tour of the brewery, we will serve you crispy fried knuckles of pork with coleslaw and Treberbrötchen, a roll made of spent grains, at a table reserved especially for you. It goes without saying that these come with a tasty Uerige Alt or Uerige Weizen.

As a souvenir, you will be given a decorative Uerige glass, a set of beer mats, as well as a bottle of unfiltered Uerige, about the production of which you will learn all the details during our tour.

A tour of the brewery is carried out with at least 10 visitors and a maximum of 20 visitors.

For smaller groups

Individual guests or smaller groups for a maximum of 9 persons are welcome to join a tour of the brewery on one of the following days:

17:00 or 18.30 h

17:00 or 18.30 h

17:00 or 18.30 h

17:00 or 18.30 h

€ 37,40 per person
Online booking

Please make sure you book well in advance:
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